Soundproof means ‘’not allowing sound to go through’’. It means preventing the passage of sound. Thus soundproofing refers to impeding any sound propagation. The word SOUNDPROOF is a bit confusing.

Naturally, we all want our life to be a bit more peaceful. We want our time to be more restful at home. Noise pollution is almost impossible to avoid by living in the inner city. So homes near the hustle and bustle of the city, are bound to tolerate the noise coming from different sources.

Some most common noise complaints include:

The noises of all these things surely disrupt your daily activities. You have to replace completely your current windows with ‘’SOUNDPROOF WINDOWS’’ to make your living environment free from noise pollution. There must be windows that absorb all the sounds without passing them to the living space. Soundproof windows can minimize the noise of annoying and unwanted sounds which are occurring outside your house. You can block outside noise by hanging SOUND-DAMPENING curtains and by covering the windows with SOUNDPROOF BLANKETS.

Here we’ll talk about some of the useful tips, by which you may be able to reduce the noises coming from outside through your house windows. Though 100 percent complete noise reduction is still not possible here you will get complete guidance and information about how to reduce noise by using soundproofing windows. Let’s explore the tips below.

Proper Installation

One of the most important elements of the window’s performance is its installation. Only its proper installation ensures airtight seals as well as helps keep the noise out.

Due to the development in window technology and the introduction of different types of GLAZING, such as from single to double and now recently triple glazing has decreased noise pollution enormously, over the years.

Glass Quality

To keep your homes free from noise pollution, the quality of the glass plays a vital role. The more thicker the glass is, the better it is at protecting you against unwanted noise.

Your glass should be thickened up at least an eighth of an inch,up to half an inch thick for standard gas-filled windows.

Frame Material and Quality

In the market today, windows are available in several different qualities and materials. Which most commonly include PVCu, TIMBER, and ALUMIMIUM. And they all perform differently when it comes to noise reduction. The most common type of window is undoubted. PVCu, although not much effective at absorbing sounds.

Open-Able or Fixed Windows

Whether you are having an openable or fixed window, it has a huge impact on a window’s ability to keep out sound. If you are having an openable window, make sure to soundproof it with a rubber WEATHERSTRIP to ensure seals properly.

Number of Panes

There are two or three panes of glass used most effectively for soundproof windows. The window with triple panes of glass is proved to be pretty much effective in absorbing all the noise pollution. Thereby keeping house owners protected and safe from unwanted sounds. The most common type of window is double glazing. Those windows are more effective with bigger space between the panes at keeping noise out. But sometimes, in your window frame, even the smallest gaps can lead to sound leaking into your home.

Acoustic Caulk

You can use Acoustic window caulk, which is helpful in making your windows more soundproof. And it is beneficial in creating a peaceful environment in your home in comparison with regular caulk. So make your windows soundproof by filling them with ACOUSTIC CAULK in the gaps around the frame of the window, as this acoustic caulk is very durable and stays flexible for a long time.

Weatherstrip Tape

From its name we can easily understand that the weatherstrip is mainly used for DRAUGHT-PROOFING, to keep away the cold air, it is also soundproofing.

Window Soundproofing Film

It is a clear film, that you stick onto the glass of your window to keep the noise out of your home, though not so effective as other soundproofing techniques.

Window Shutters

These are made of two panes and are designed to maintain privacy and also helpful in noise and weather protection.

Window Plug

They can build easily and are made from inexpensive materials and effectively absorbs sound. By far this is the simplest answer to the problem of outside noise. PLUGS have the advantage that they are not permanent and can be used at any time according to your need. DOUBLE-CELL SHADES can help to block sound to some extent. But they won’t completely block it out.

Storm Windows

You can strengthen the ability of SINGLE-PANE windows by installing external storm windows in front of them. Installing ‘storm windows’ is a very costly method.

Window Inserts

These are typically CUSTOM-MADE to fit exactly to your existing windows and prevent sound from leaking in.


These are some of the useful tips you can adopt to block and reduce the sound of various noises. Hopefully, you find them helpful in making your lives peaceful and protected from the hazardous noise coming from different sources. Make use of the above tips and give your life a new experience of calmness and serenity.

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