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6 simple ways to fix drafty windows

how to fix drafty windows

Having old drafty windows means an increase in unwanted energy costs. Winters is one season where you can not afford to lose money on unnecessary things like drafty windows. If you want to save money, fix your drafty windows as soon as you can. And if you are not sure how to fix windows, take professional help or try a DIY and save some trouble. 

Try these simple methods to fix your drafty windows and save a lot of money.

1. Weatherstripping 

During the winters, you want the insides of your house to be cozy and comfortable. And having drafty windows won’t let that happen. In that case, draft your windows with a plastic weatherstrip to seal the gaps. It is crucial to seal all the gaps in the window to prevent air leakage. Install the plastic weatherstrip along the sash of the window to increase insulation. And also, ensure to install new locks if you have big windows in your house.

2. Use draft stopper

Another easy and simple alternative to fix your old and drafty windows is to use a draft stopper or door snakes. A door snake is a long tube filled with sand or other material that is designed to be placed on the bottom of your windows or doors to block any air from the outside. If there is a big gap on the bottom of your windows or doors, use a door snake to stop air from entering your house. 

Door snakes are easy to use. They are not permanent and can be removed whenever you want. They are also very affordable, and you can buy them online or at any hardware shop nearby. If you want to learn how to sill your windows, check out this guide to learn more.

3. Reglazing windows

Another simple way to improve the insulation of your windows is to reglaze them. The glazing putty used to seal window panes has a limited lifespan, and it starts to wear off after a few years, leaving your windows drafty and prone to leakage. Look for those gaps and replace the glazing putty with a new layer. 

It takes some effort to replace the existing putty but it will also save you money in the long run. 

4. Window layering

It is always better to layer your windows before the winter hits your city. Use curtains or drapes to add a thick layer to your windows. Adding curtains or drapes can help a lot by stopping the wind flow in your room, and they are also easy to operate. If you enjoy the warm rays of the sun streaming into your room, then curtains are your best bet during the winters. 

Open the curtains in the morning to let some sunlight stream in with the added benefit of warming up the room.

5. Insulate windows

If you are someone who keeps their windows shut all the time and does not pay much heed to them, then insulating your windows would be a great alternative for you. The best way to insulate your windows is to apply a layer of plastic to them. Covering the windows with plastic will add a layer of insulation to the windows and the room as well. 

You can easily get the plastic from any local hardware store and apply it yourself. Use a hairdryer to fix the layer of plastic on the windows, and that’s it. You are good to go!

6. Cover cracks or caulking

An effective solution to your drafty windows is caulking your windows. For small gaps in your windows, you can apply caulk to fix the problem temporarily. The small tubes packed with a clay-like substance known as Mortite will fix your drafty windows and last for at least a season or two.

You can easily procure this from any hardware shop but caulking can be tricky sometimes. That’s why you need experts to fix your windows and doors. 

Got any drafty windows? Want an expert solution? Then we are here to provide the best services in the town. Contact our window caulking experts at 905-868-7578 today. 

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