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How to remove mold from window sill

Are you trying to get rid of mold from your window sill and looking for tips on how to remove it? If yes, then continue reading this article as we’ll be discussing ways on how to remove mold from your window sill.

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow anywhere where the conditions are suitable for it to grow. The wet and moist places are the most ideal places for the mold to germinate, provided the temperature is also suitable for it to survive. It grows through very tiny spores that are not visible through naked eyes.

Mold not only looks bad but it is also a threat to our physical health. The health problems caused by mold are mainly respiratory problems such as sneezing, coughing, etc.

If you do not remove the mold immediately, it can leave a permanent stain and looks very bad. Therefore, it is extremely important to remove the mold instantly as you see it. Furthermore, the mold looks awful, and if it is not removed immediately, it gets harder to remove and the stain of mold may become permanent. 

Why Mold Grows?

Before discussing the ways to get rid of mold from window sills, you need to know why mold grows on your window’s sill.

Generally, the windows of the bathroom and kitchen are the most affected areas due to the dampness present there. It usually starts growing from the bottom of the windows and then expands to all other parts of the windows.

The primary reason for mold growth on the window sill is the change of external and internal temperature which results in condensation. The damp and warm places are the ideal places for the mold to grow.

The other reason for mold growth is not allowing the air to enter your house, that is poor ventilation system. Poor ventilation not only causes suffocation but is also a reason for mold growth on windows. As the air particles hit the window but do not find the way out, they change into small water droplets, hence providing mold the ideal condition to breed.

Points to consider before cleaning mold

Below are some of the important points that should be considered before wiping out the mold:


Safety should be your utmost priority while performing any task that can be a risk, and cause serious health problems. The spores of mold disperse very quickly and can negatively react with our body. Therefore, it is necessary to wear all the protective gear such as glasses, facemask, and gloves while cleaning mold from any part of your house. These protective equipment protect your nose and mouth from exhaling the small mold particles while cleaning.

– Types of Product

This pertains to the types of product that you choose to use to remove the mold from your window sill. It is extremely important to choose the right product that not only removes mold but also erases the stains caused by mold. It has also been noticed that sometimes after using certain products the mold re-grows itself, therefore, it is important that you choose the product that permanently wipes of the mold.

Cleaning Mold or Mildew from Window Sill

Firstly, you need to take all the necessary preventive measures such as wearing goggles, gloves, and covering the windows and floor. These measures will protect you and your other valuables from getting damaged during the process.

You’ll need two good pieces of cloth for cleaning the mold. Take one piece of cloth in your hand and spray the cleaning agent onto it. Make sure that the spray does not allow the spores of mold to fly away.

The surface of mold should then be cleaned carefully and gently. Switch the cloth before going over the site again since you don’t want to re-infect the area with the spores that may be present on the first cloth.

Clean both the clothes in warm water and sprinkle them with tea tree oil to remove any spores that may still be on the cloth.   

The list below contains the chemicals and cleaning agents that you should avoid. We have also mentioned the most suitable ones for cleaning mold or mildew from the window sill:

  1. Baking Soda: To prepare the solution with baking soda you’ll need a spray bottle, warm water, and most importantly baking soda. Fill the spray bottle with warm water keeping the space for baking soda. Now add the baking soda according to the quantity of water you have filled inside the spray bottle. The next step is thoroughly mixing the solution until the baking soda gets completely dissolved with the warm water. Now the mixture is ready to be sprayed on the mold.
  2.  Hydrogen Peroxide: Get some hydrogen peroxide and some antibacterial solution and mix them in a glass. The solution act as an antifungal that helps to remove the mold from the window sill. The solution shall be applied using toothpaste.
  3. Tea Tree Oil & Vinegar: To prepare the solution you’ll need distilled vinegar, tea tree oil, and a spray bottle. Combine the tea tree oil with distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Distilled vinegar is a natural antimicrobial that is highly effective in removing mold and fungi from anywhere, especially window sills. Similarly,  tea tree oil is extremely helpful in removing the stain caused by the mold on the window sill. After combining both the tree oil and vinegar shake the spray bottle to mix both the substances. After this spray the mixture on the moldy area, and let it settle down for half-hour. Now remove the mold with a knife.
  4. Lemons: Lemon is a great antiseptic and deodorizer that not only helps in removing the black mold but is also effective in removing the stain caused by mold. Since lemons are highly acidic, they are extremely beneficial in breaking down the mold and disinfecting the area from harmful bacterias. You’ll need five lemons and make a srub of them in a bowl. Now apply this scrub on the moldy area, leaving it for 5 minutes to perfectly settle. After waiting for 5 minutes remove the mold using a dry towel.
  5. Bleach: Bleach is another cleaning agent that is considered to be effective on various objects. However, using bleach to remove mold is not a good idea as it damages the frame of the window. Hence, bleach is not considered ideal for removing mold. You may use ammonia and vinegar as the alternate for bleach.


Nowadays, the growth of mold on the window sill has become very common. The main reason for this is poor ventilation causing dampness which allows mold to grow. However, removing it is a tricky thing and must be done carefully. Cleaning mold can be dangerous hence we recommend you hire a professional and reliable home renovation company for it.

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