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Tips to Choose the Best Tile Colors for your Rooms

Tips to Choose the Best Tile Colors for your Rooms

Choosing the best and appropriate tile color for your room is a difficult task however it is a crucial step towards defining the look of your room. You may be confused with various color contrast available in the market but after reading this article, you will be able to choose the best color of tiles for your room.

When it comes to the importance of interior design, flooring is on the top of the list. It is the first part of your place where you make the physical interaction. Most people do not give flooring the importance that it demands. However, if you ignore flooring and focus on other elements you are destroying the appearance of your house. No matter, how good a wall color or furniture is if the flooring is not up to the mark everything looks dull and less appealing. A quality interior design can certainly improve and uplift your living standard, as you feel more relaxed and comfortable in a good-looking environment.  

There are various types of tiles available for flooring such as granite, ceramic, wooden, sandstone, onyx, etc, however, you have to choose the one that is within your budget and suits your house and room design. Similarly, these different types of tiles are available for you in a different range of colors from which you have to choose the one that looks attractive depending upon your room design and furniture.

Below are some expert tips for choosing the appropriate color of tiles for your rooms that looks appealing and elegant.

Size of your room

The color of flooring has a huge impact on the appearance of your room. Some colors make the appearance of your room spacious whereas some make them look congested. Dark colors such as black and blue are elegant but for choosing them for flooring you have to ensure that lighting in the room is sufficient. As darker colors, at times makes the environment look congested, so choose them only if you have a larger room size and with enough lighting. Contrary to this, lighter colors make the room look more spacious and also increases the importance of other interior elements such as furniture, and wall color. You can go with pastel and creamy color contrast if you are going for lighter tile colors.

Type of Tiles

Room tiles come in various types and you have to choose the color accordingly. For instance, wooden tiles come in two different variants; one is dark wood and the other is light wood. From this, you have to opt for the one that suits your room overall design as well as the furniture. Similarly, ceramic tiles look better in neutral colors such as white or beige.


Handling the tiles pertains to cleaning tiles so that they can last longer. Some colors and textures of tile are prone to dirt whereas some colors do not appear dirty throughout the day. You have to decide this on basis of usage. Lighter tile colors are recommended for the rooms that remain constantly busy throughout the day. However, if you still want darker colors in those rooms then you have to manage it accordingly by cleaning them thrice a day. Similarly, if the room remains free for most periods of the day, you can opt for lighter colors. You have to clean these once a day and can be managed easily.

Location and Purpose of Room

The location and purpose of the room are the other two important factors that need to be considered for choosing the color of tiles. The ideal color choice for the tiles for a study room would be different from the color of tiles for a living room. Similarly, if the room is located at a place where sunlight can easily enter you may go for darker colors such as black or blue. Both these factors are generally considered less important, however, considering them can help you in increasing the beauty of your room. 


Adding Tiles is a costly project therefore it is important to choose the color of tile that lasts longer. It is not only important to choose a high-quality tile but the color preference should also be done considering its life. Some colors such as white or pastel colors look very beautiful but do not last long. They start to lose the shine after a specific period. Therefore it is important to choose a color that lasts longer.

Pattern and Texture of Tiles

Floor tiles come in different textures such as matte finish or glossy finish. Matte finishes are usually hard to maintain however look very elegant whereas simple glossy finished tiles are comparatively easy to manage and also look pretty decent. You may choose this according to your preference and the color of the tile you choose.  Similarly, tiles also come in various patterns. You may choose the pattern that best suits your room and blend well with the color of the tile.

The existing design of the room

If you are adding the tiles to an already designed room then it is extremely important to choose the tile color keeping in mind the existing room design. You need to ensure that the color of flooring blends well with other components of the room.  

Choose a Reliable Contractor

One of the most important step for starting any renovation project is choosing a reliable contractor. Hiring a reliable contractor is your first step towards the successful completion of the project. The addition of tiles is a crucial and professional task therefore you must focus on hiring a good and efficient contractor.

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Some Popular Colors of Tiles for your Room

Here we will be discussing some popular colors that you can choose from for your room according to the design and other components of your room.


The visual sense of brown floor tiles and wood floor is comparable, and it is full of retro color. Not only does it have a dirt-resistance feature, but it also adds creativity and texture to home decorating.


Beige tiles can blend with the light in the room while also increasing its warmth. Simultaneously, the light-colored floor tiles keep the living room decor basic and generous, preventing it from becoming depressing.

Light Yellow

The yellow tiles are not as prominent as white, yet it provides a welcoming atmosphere. This color is warm and cozy, and it will not interfere with the light in your home. Hence, it is an excellent option.


The tile’s color and texture contribute to set the tone of a room. Tiles come in various colors and textures therefore you have to make a wise decision that complements the room’s existing design.  For a personal touch, choose hand-painted tile or rely on the natural variation in multicolored and patterned tiles. In this article, we have discussed in detail all the necessary points that must be considered for choosing the best tile color for your room.

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