9 Dos and Don’ts of Caulking Windows

dos and donts of window caulking

Caulk is a common, flexible material used to seal in air leaks around in and around windows. Caulking windows is a simple task that most homeowners can do without the help of professionals. It is built to be completely invisible as a design element and doesn’t stand out. However, if applied incorrectly, it can draw […]

6 simple ways to fix drafty windows

how to fix drafty windows

Having old drafty windows means an increase in unwanted energy costs. Winters is one season where you can not afford to lose money on unnecessary things like drafty windows. If you want to save money, fix your drafty windows as soon as you can. And if you are not sure how to fix windows, take […]

The ultimate guide on how to make a window sill

how to make a window sill

Window sills are attached to the bottom of the ledge at the window. It is also a good place to plant and keep the rain out and improve window efficiency. A hard casing, side jambs, and an apron are included. They all contribute to the structural integrity of the window. There is nothing complicated about […]

7 Steps to Replace a Window Sill

Steps to Replace a Window Sill

A window sill, also known as a window ledge is located at the bottom of the window (both inside and outside). It is an important part of a window as it holds the window in place and provides support to its structure. In addition, also protects the wall from water as it directs the rain […]